KCLEA Committee

The "day to day" business of the Association is managed by the Committee, elected by the AGM, along with any sub-committees and co-opted members as the committee deems necessary from time to time. For a list of current members of the committee, please see below. The Committee is constantly on the lookout for new members - it is rare for all positions to be filled - so if you are willing to help in any capacity please contact the Honorary Secretary. It is particularly important that we persuade some "younger blood" to stand for committee positions to ensure a successful future for the association. Even the most active positions do not require a great deal of time; generally there are 5 or 6 committee meetings per year, during which we try to get most of the work done, and you might spend the odd hour here and there working outside the meetings.

The current committee, as elected at the AGM on 16 November 2023 consists of the following:

President Peter Weitzel (1972 - 1975)
Vice President Rashi Chavan (President, KCLES)
Hon Treasurer John Thomson (1964 -1967)
Hon Secretary Chris Bowden (1963 - 1967)
Hon Events Secretary Bobby Dixit (1990 - 1994)
Hon Editor Mike Clode (staff 1989 - 2014)
Hon Web Master John Thomson (1964 -1967)
Hon Membership Secretary Graham Raven (1960 - 1963)
Hon Liaison Officer Professor Barbara Shollock
Immediate Past President David Blacoe (1966 - 1969)
Honorary Secretary of the KCLES To be appointed
Committee Members Nicholas St Hill
Jonny Dixon
Lai Cheung
Ian Page

The 2023 AGM also confirmed the following appointments:

Trustees of the Investment Fund (formerly Life Subscription Fund) Mike Clode (staff 1989 - 2014)
Chris Bowden (1963 - 1967)
John Thomson (1964 -1967)
Graham Raven (1960 - 1963)
Accounts Examiner David Sheridan (1968 - 1972)

The Committee Meeting Minutes are posted on the website here once approved by the Committee.