Re-shaping the Quad

The floors under the Quad at Kings that used to be the main Engineering areas have been under reconstruction for the last couple of years to return it to a useable space that was modern but still retained historic features. There has been a 'Shape the Quad' appeal to assist and the KCLEA has been amongst many donors.

The following photos were amongst many taken by the KCLEA President Liz Beckmann during a visit to the area near the end of the re-building operation. The area is now complete and in use by students.

Glass ceiling from above  Ceiling window from belowView of the Quad 

View of the Quad  Light well from above  Light well from below

Corridor - showing old stonework  Old stone work beautifully cleaned and retained  One area almost finished

Corridor - showing old stonework

Old stone work, cleaned and retained 

One area almost finished

One of the large lab-teaching areas  Spriral staircase View from one of the windows

One of the large lab-teaching areas      Spiral staircase with light well

 View from one of the windows